Brenntag is a global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution. They offer an extensive range of chemical products and services. For their new visual brand identity, Mutabor commissioned a complimentary custom typeface that works as one of the main ingredients of the new design.

The primer objective was to create a clear and functional typeface. In order to highlight the intersection of human and technology, subtle humanistic details were included, such as the tail on the geometric single storey a, which holds as the defining element of the design. Furthermore, subtle curves on A V W or X or deep joins were integrated to support the approachable voice.

In order to cover all relevant markets of the company, the typeface was developed in three scripts: Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.

In addition to the six regular width weights, six space-saving styles have been created for use in copy texts. Both subfamilies range from Regular to Black and come with an extended glyphset of 800+ characters per font. All weights have been optimised for use in print and digital applications.