The Signal Iduna Group offers a wide range of insurance and financial services. It is one of the top insurers in Germany. For the relaunch of their visual brand identity, conceived and developed by Die neue Vernunft, two of my retail fonts were modified and expanded to perfectly visualize the new brand values.

The most significant modifications were made to the Milliard family. There were small details such as the angle adjustment on the terminals, or more distinct features like the redesigned g. The alternate a, as well as the tabular numerals, were integrated into the default set.

The serif typeface Sagona, also one of my retail typefaces, serves as a counterpart to the plain Signal Iduna Sans. In addition, two narrower weights and a monospaced weight were developed based on the sans serif family. The Signal Iduna type family has a total of 21 weights and is ready for use in any typographic scenario.