Yatta is a development company helping brands to sell digital products. For their relaunch in 2022 I helped them with a customized version of Galano and an exclusive monospaced counterpart supporting their new visual language designed by design studio child.

It all started with the logo. Since Galano is used with a modified Y in the word mark, the revision should also be included in the typeface. In addition, other small adjustments were made, such as more open terminals on C and G or the lowercase letter l with a tail to differentiate it from the uppercase I. Furthermore, the font was renamed Hiro Grotesque.

To reflect the technical part of the service in the visual brand identity, we designed the non-proportional complement Hiro Mono, based on Hiro Grotesque. It is available in two weights with matching italics.

The Hiro family consists of a total of ten typefaces, which are implemented throughout the new branding that went live in October 2022.