Four Music is a German record label focussing on contemporary artists in Hip Hop and Pop. As part of brand refresh, René Bieder assisted in revitalizing key elements, encompassing an updated logotype, fresh stationary designs and the development of a custom font.

The new custom font pays homage to Four Music’s origins in German hip hop. Drawing inspiration from Haettenschweiler (1954) and Compacta (1963), it transforms the formal language of both into a contemporary tone. With horizontal terminals and distinctive sharp details, Four Grotesk confidently delivers impactful statements in headlines.

The font includes multiple built-in standard ligatures that deviate from the norm, reflecting the wordmark’s ligatures and giving the typeface a distinctive and recognizable quality.

The wordmark and stationary designs underwent a significant update to align with the revised brand vision, resulting in a sharper and more impactful appearance.